Northstar Plaza Furniture- Furniture Empire

Furniture Empire

Northstar Plaza Furniture- Furniture Empire

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Furniture Empire is a furniture store in Garland who offers affordable discount furniture to our community. This discount furniture store has a unique selection of couches, kitchen sets, bedroom sets and more! If you have been looking for new furniture for your home, look no further than Furniture Empire Garland at Northstar Plaza. Visit them today!

Operating Hours:
Mon – Sun 9:30am-8pm

Stay Fit in Garland by Visiting Northstar Plaza

Wouldn’t it be nice to do all your shopping in your neighborhood and access all the services you need? Avoid the hustle and bustle of shopping or accessing services by visiting Northstar Plaza. Here, you can stay fit in Garland

Enjoy Delicious Easter Lunch in Garland at Northstar Plaza

What are your plans for this Easter 2022? Enjoy Easter lunch in Garland with your family at Crazy Catfish. There is a lot to enjoy at Northstar Plaza from the serene environment to the accessibility and the convenience it offers

Shop for the Best Easter Gifts in Garland by Shopping at Northstar Plaza

Discover the best Easter gifts in Garland when you spend some time shopping in Northstar Plaza this weekend. Whether you’re in need of a few extra treats to stuff in your child’s Easter basket or you are looking for a

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