Looking for a Workout in Garland? Check out Battle Axe Barbell

Looking for a Workout in Garland? Check out Battle Axe Barbell

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or tired of putting in your workouts at gyms that don’t allow everyone to feel included, Battle Axe Barbell may just be your new favorite workout in Garland. Not only do they have everything you need to work up a sweat, but they are one of the only gyms of their kind in all of Garland! Stop by today to check out Battle Axe Barbell in Garland at Northstar Plaza:

Easily Schedule Your Workout in Garland 

It can be challenging to find a gym that has open hours that work with your busy schedule. If you’re tired of missing out on your go-to workout because of business hours, then you’ll be pleased to know that Battle Axe Barbell leaves its doors open to members 24-hours a day. That means no matter what your work schedule looks like or what’s going on in your personal life, they are always open to let you blow off some steam. 

Only Strength and Conditioning Gym in Garland 

When you come to Northstar Plaza for a workout in Garland, you will find that Battle Axe Barbell is the only place in the city with the training and equipment necessary to work on strength and conditioning. If you’re new to this kind of workout, there are knowledgeable trainers on-site that are more than thrilled to help you get started on your fitness journey. 

Beginners and Athletes Welcome 

There aren’t many gyms that foster an inclusive atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome. Whether you’re just starting on a weight-loss journey and feel like you don’t belong in the gym or an athlete transitioning to a new gym, the staff and members are all welcoming and excited to help you succeed on your journey to a healthier you. 

Find the best place for a workout in Garland right here at Northstar Plaza. Looking for more ways to stay active in Garland? Check out our directory today! 

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Summer Vacation in Garland at Northstar Plaza

Summer Vacation in Garland at Northstar Plaza

If you’re looking for things to do on your summer vacation, Northstar Plaza is the perfect place for you to go. From foot baths to barbells, put your hot summer time to good use. Keep reading for what to do for your summer vacation in Garland:

Something to Dip Your Toes Into

It’s hard to enjoy summer when you’re completely tensed up from head to toe. This vacation, forget about sore feet and head to North Star Foot Spa for a relaxing foot bath and massage. Enjoy coupons and special deals while you step into paradise for the day. Your spa getaway awaits you.

An Axe to Grind

It’s important to stay in shape even on a summer vacation, and that’s why Battle Axe Barbell at Northstar Plaza lets you do just that. Fight off your urge for sugary sweet treats while you feel good about pumping iron, running laps and completing full-on custom obstacle courses. It’s time to break a summer sweat.

Add a Little Summer Twist

Sometimes, our summers are just fine, but they might need a little twist. Beat the heat this time with your favorite go-to smoothie from Nutrition With a Twist. Enjoy fresh fruits, try the shake of the month or mix and match your healthy desserts on the go. Don’t forget to grab a couple of spoons for your friends, unless you don’t want to share.

You don’t have to take an expensive trip for your summer vacation. You can spend it right here in Garland. Whether it’s drinking shakes or staying in shape, you’ll have whatever you need for the perfect summer. For more on how to spend your vacation in Garland, take a look at our blogs and directory pages!

Northstar Plaza is offered by Weitzman. Weitzman is one of the leading commercial real estate companies in North Texas. Weitzman offers a full range of Commercial Real Estate services including Project Representation, Tenant Representation and Investment Sales and, is also a leading Asset Management and Development Services Commercial Real Estate firm.

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